Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Save A Life

Hey!  Haven't posted in awhile :(   Today I'm going to talk about an issue that's really been on my heart lately.  My family watched a movie the other night and it was extremely poignant to my life right now.  To Save A Life is a great movie just to let you know!  There is a part or two that parents may have to fast forward for younger children.  The story is about a popular, handsome high school athlete and how he handles his best childhood friend committing suicide.  It chronicles his searching and finding Jesus; his dealing with the consequences of his former life.  It displays how he starts to view life differently, and picks up on the ostracizing of certain kids at school.  He changes his attitude and actions as God begins to convict him in areas of his life.  What struck me was at one part in the movie, he leaves a party where everyone has been drinking because he doesn't like himself anymore when he lives like that.  His girlfriend follows him out and is freaking out because she doesn't like how he is changing.  She asks him if this weird behavior is still about his friend committing suicide and then reassures him that it's not his problem and he shouldn't be worrying about it.  Basically, she tells him to get on with life; it isn't his responsibility.  In my opinion it's almost the best part of the movie, because in response to her he says in frustration, "Then who's is it??" Isn't that the truth?? He is convicted because he knew it WAS his responsibility!  God says to love Him first, then others, then ourselves.  Too often, we put ourselves first, then maybe try to put God second, and everything else drags behind like an old bumper.  If we weren't so focused on ourselves, if we weren't too busy with our own problems (I'm not saying you shouldn't be concerned for yourself at all, it's perfectly o.k. to do that, just not in excess!)  maybe we could see the person desperately trying to dry the tears before someone gives him a funny look, or the single mom who is exhausted and could use a friend's thoughtfulness in bringing over dinner, or the child whose hopeful eyes are just looking for someone to love them.  Maybe if we could clear the soundproof room of self away and actually hear the Holy Spirit's proddings on our heart we could help more of our brothers and sisters!  The fact is: everyone has a responsibility to care for everyone else because that's what Jesus would do.  Think about it.  He even felt the woman who touched the edge of His clothing!  He never missed a detail :) We will never be the Perfect Friend He was.  Hopefully though we can strive to have His heart for people and in so doing save some lives.  What do y'all think?  How are ways we can reach out to others?  Do you pray for God to open your eyes to things that others just pass by without a glance?


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