Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gardening! :D

Getting started

Almost there!

Finished box!
For some reason she thought the soil need some foot mixing
Dirty job!
My one raspberry I just couldn't eat and
should have because a bird did!  Didn't
make that mistake again!! lol
Yummy blueberries!
slicing tomatoes that are flowering but not producing  
I think they need more sun (at least I hope that's all)
cherry tomatoes and jalepenos

We love gardening and these are some photos of our newest plantings a few weeks ago.  We have planted cherry tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, jalepenos, and a few more herbs, dill & rosemary.   There is nothing better than working for what you will eat. You really appreciate it more and our kids learn to appreciate fresh food more often.  Helps so much with groceries too, especially the herbs as you only cut what you need. Knowing where it comes from and what it doesn't have sprayed on it is another great benefit!    Now that we are pros (lol) at building garden boxes I will be looking to see what I can grow even though it is late in the season!

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  1. Great looking boxes! Each year you can add a new one ;)