Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fruit of the season
We are all, no doubt, enjoying the beautiful weather as the official day of summer approaches.  Hopefully it is filled with all of the wonderful fruits out this time of the year!  The information I share today will help us all to make better choices on one particular fruit, the watermelon. Should we be using chemical like forchlorfenuron that does have side effects?  Is using this chemical that stimulates cell division and makes the fruit grow faster a good thing?  Our family loves watermelon as I am sure most do.  So much of the time though we notice, that like so many other fruits,  there is just no flavor and the fruit is bland! I believe this has to do with all the chemicals and depletion in our soil thus ruining all the benefits to be had in God's creation.   The belief that you are just paying more when you go for organic food is not true.   When you do your research you will find that this is not the case. Organic fruits have more antioxidants and minerals than their conventional counterparts and they always taste better! You can avoid these chemical by shopping for organics when possible and even better and much more fun is to shop at your local farmer's market.  It is a great way to avoid many pesticides and support your local farmers.  While they do sometimes use them you will find it is far less and you are able to find out just what it is they use so that you can do some research to decide if it is something that you will be ok with. Produce at farmer's markets do not have to be shipped and retain more of the nutrients that you want.  While watermelons do have a thicker skin so your pesticide exposure is low compared to other fruits like say strawberries and peaches (two of the worst offenders for pesticides)  watermelons are also being given hormones to increase farmer's yields.   So, just be informed and know what risk you are taking with your health!  As the saying goes "You can pay for your health now or you will pay later!"   Read the above article to get some more information of what goes on with our produce!
Hosea 4:6a

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