Friday, June 24, 2011

Toxic Mold

I saw this story recently about a family (The Fabry's) and their journey in dealing with mold in the home.  It made my heart break for the them.  I remember dealing with a very similar situation in our family and while ours did not turn out to be mold (ours were chemicals in the environment  - mainly styrene and formaldehyde). It was very much a struggle and something that was not recognized or even looked at as a real problem.   My hope and prayer is that through families like the Fabry's and my own that people will learn the truth and be able to help themselves.  There are many stories out there just like these and real people dealing with these situations.  I have been able to meet people like the Fabry's that have had to deal with these health problems after exposure to toxic mold. The ladies I met had been shunned by former coworkers and others.  Sadly,  ignorance closes the door on many good people! Fortunately, they were able to find the same doctor we did that was willing to look for the cause of their problems  Through him we were all blessed to be able to get the help we needed.   We will be forever thankful to him for helping us when no one else could or would.  We were told like the Fabry's to take our daughter on to the "head doctor"  because there must be something wrong with her!  It could not possibly be that they did not know enough or have the willingness to learn something new.  It was just Morgan, her fault and her problem!  Out of all the doctors we did see, I can only remember one kind enough to say that he just did not know.  All the others knew exactly what was wrong, wrote a prescription and sent us off.  Problem was when that failed they never helped us from there, so I guess, so much for knowing what it was!?!?  Also, we learned just as the Fabry's have that the insurance does not pay for the things that actually work and the bills are not small.  I know I sound really anti-doctor and I can assure you I am NOT!  There are plenty of good, kind, and helpful physicians out there.  It is just unfortunate that they are in the minority!  I pray this will touch all that need it! :D Check out the Fabry's story below.

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